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At Kalavrita in the wonderful mountainous village of Zachlorou is located the Oneiro Zachlorous Resort & Spa, 180 km away from Athens. The resort is inside the luxuriant vegetation in the canyon Vouraikos, one of the most beautiful sights of Kalavrita and as well as of all Greece.

The picturesqueness is ideal, as the rack railway station “Odontotos“, which constitutes an all time classic sight of the region, is situated over-against. It is the train to Diakopto and Kalavryta, that if you have not used, the time has come to try it.

The distance of the Oneiro Zachlorous from Kalavrita (city center) is just 5 km, 15 km from Kalavrita Ski Center and 30 km from Diakopto.

The visitor can enjoy the natural beauties of the village and visit the historical Monasteries of Saint Laura and Mega Spilaio that are 3 and 8 km away from the village respectively.

Combining the traditional hospitality with the modern perception of the rendering of services, we created the “Oneiro of Zachlorou” complex, which consists of luxurious stone houses, Spa, Gymtraditional tavern, cafeteria, boutique of traditional productsconference room and mini market in order to make your accommodation in Zachlorou of Kalavrita pleasant and comfortable.

The Oneiro Zachlorous Resort & Spa is open every day of the year offering high quality facilities and services. Always ready to meet the needs of visitors, is an option of accommodation in Kalavrita for both tourists and professionals.

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