Why would I choose K.Zachlorou Kalavryton for my vacation?

One of the most beautiful areas of Greece that is worth visiting is Kalavryta. They are known for their large and beautiful mountains with predominant Helmos where operates the Ski center Panos Polkas (Kalavryton), and a majestic canyon Vouraikos, unique historical monuments and traditional villages.

From short distance from Kalavrita, just 5km away is the small picturesque village of Kato Zachlorous. In the village you will find landscapes of rare beauty and experience unique moments of relaxation.

The first feeling that the visitor feels arriving at Kato Zahlorou is calm and relaxation. All this is enhanced by the location that looks like a horseshoe sheltered by mountains rising behind and creates a mild and sweet climate, making the Kato Zahlorou, a destination for the whole year.

If one chooses Kato Zahlorou as a holiday destination, it has the opportunity to learn throughout the region as it is in the middle of the distances to all attractions and choose the resort Dream Zachlorous as the center of the dash.

What surely the visitor will find in Kato Zahlorou, is total relaxation away from the bustling city life and daily routine.

What is the best period to visit Kato Zahlorou and why?

Every season is special. Due to the terrain and geographical location, enable the visitors xeodocheiou Dream Zachlorous to enjoy nature with all sorts of activities.

1) Xelmos, the mountain that protects the village from winds ideal for skiing and not only tours, hiking, hunting, 4X4 routes, etc.
2) Kalavrita, located just five kilometers from the village allows visitors to see all the sights and made aware of the whole story of the witness Kalavryton.
3) The location is an ideal reference point for enjoying the natural beauty of the village and historic kalavryta and visit the monasteries of Agia Lavra and Mega Cavern distant from the village 3 and 8 km away respectively. Also one of the must-see in the area, is the famous Cave of the Lakes, near the village castle is just 17 km from the resort.
4) Our resort offers total relaxation and serenity summer. The famous beaches of Punta and switched off but to arraign and olives are just 25 km away, giving visitors the opportunity to combine mountain and sea and enjoy quality holidays with moments of absolute relaxation.

Summer holidays in Aigialeia acquire an exciting dimension when combined with water activities. Most beaches littered majority of fine sand and fine pebbles – have organized facilities for all sorts of water sports that offer moments of relaxation and fun in the “active” visitors. So wear the most pleasant hand and explore the map of marine entertainment in Aigialeia.

What is the safest and shortest route to get there?

From Athens take the national road Athens-Patras and 156 th km take the exit Switches Kalavryta course to Kalavryta. 3 km after the Great Cave turn right along to Zahlorou and in 3 minutes we are on the settlement of the village stands the Resort Dream Zachlorous.

I am fond of sports. What options do I have?

Guests of our village and resort guests have the opportunity to engage in various sports. There is a ski resort in Kalavryton toHelmos, just 20 minutes from our resort, so lovers of ski and snowboard will definitely fill batteries! Also for those who love trekking and mountaineering can follow the global E4 hiking trail that passes just a few meters from our resort along the magnificent gorge.

Is also an ideal destination for the world of enduro and a jeeping and passageways and trails will be unforgettable.
Of course in the area will find a way and those dealing with the summer sports, fishing underwater or not, canoes, windsurf, kite surf, etc. since our resort is just 25 minutes from the beaches of Aigialeia with blue flags.

What type of holiday suited Kato Zahlorou and Kalavryta?

Visitors choose Kato Zahlorou and the region because they can cover a wide range of interests. Interruptions at Ilia can be described in three words: relaxation, wellness, relaxation.
The tranquil village life covering the need for family holidays. Kato Zahlorou is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday close to the mountain. Guests of Kalavryton find in this village the peace and tranquility in beautiful surroundings with friendly and hospitable.

The easy access to the surrounding mountains and the fact that Kalavryta are all kinds of plants and trees that exist in Greece, is a very important factor to choose one area as a holiday destination. The visitor encounters pines, chestnut trees, heaths, arbutus, skina, firs. Can see the white pine, the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis), black pine (Pinus nigra), the fir (Abies cephalonica) and many others. Important is the variety of fauna after the wetlands and saddles live more than 24 species of amphibians, more than 35 species of mammals and over 94 species of birds. The lively, mountains in the area, give their lovers a unique opportunity for hunting, hiking and sightseeing.

Also, a significant pull factor is the historical tourism. Enjoy the natural beauty of the village and historic kalavryta and visit the monasteries of Agia Lavra and Mega Cavern distant from the village 3 and 8 km away respectively. Also one of the must-see in the area, is the famous Cave of the Lakes, near the village castle is just 17 km from the resort.
Of particular interest is ecotourism, sports tourism, agrotourism since every year, competitions are organized such as skiing, mountain biking, etc.

Are there meals offered at the resort or at the room?

If finally able to leave behind the house, you walk in a traditional tavern Dream Zachlorous you reserve a culinary tour of the local cuisine and homemade, traditional sweets.

With many traditional dishes and appetizers are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Always you will find cooked casseroles and game like roasts. The pies will amaze you!

The warm and welcoming place, fully harmonized with the style of the band, you will immediately win the huge fireplace while we always burn even giving a touch of warmth.

Where can I get information about the sights and routes in the area?

The friendly and attentive staff at our resort is at your disposal at all times, both to inform you and to provide you with fully updated forms for sightseeing and the remarkable journeys of our region. Also, can you organize some of the suggested tours, making your stay at Dream Zachlorous, opportunity to experience the beauty of the mountainous Peloponnese.

How far is Nearest hospital-health center?

Kalavryta, ie, 5 km from Kato Zahlorou, active physicians in all specialties experiencing various incidents. Just 60 km from our resort operates the University Hospital of Patras.

What is the average time a visitor to the resort and what it can do during his stay there?

The average time a visitor to our resort vary. A typical stay lasts 5-6 days, during which it can comfortably meet the mountainous Achaia making excursions. At the same time, it has plenty of time to relax and rest in the luxurious rooms of our resort.

There is a grocery store – mini market near Kato Zachlorou?

Kato Zahlorou is a small village that can serve through the activities of its residents, all who visit. So guests do not have to spend time visiting the city of Kalavryton to cover necessary for them eg mini market, kiosk. At the resort operates mini market and a kiosk where you can buy what you need.

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