Ecological practices


Ecological policy of our resort

With global warming and natural disasters that have intensified day by day, our active participation in protecting the environment for a better future of the planet is everyone’s business.


• Use energy saving light bulbs throughout the facility (oikonomia25%).
• Saving natural resources and energy
• low flow toilets.
• Carefully set time switches for the communal lighting.
• Effective utilization of raw materials
• Reuse old and torn tablecloth as cleaning cloths.
• Minimize waste and waste to the maximum extent.
• Orders in bulk where possible
• Reusable packaging detergents.
• Use materials environmentally friendly.
• Eliminate products that use propellant.
• Ongoing effort to minimize the use of chemicals.
• All stones used to build the resort from the plot of harmonizing the way the natural environment
• Use of electrical & electronic equipment with a certified low energy consumption
• Avoid unnecessary use of electrical appliances
• Adequate insulation of the resort unit
• Water supply to the resort unit of licensed legal source
• Wastewater treatment: water consumed by the rooms and other buildings used for garden irrigation.
• Existence of water saving devices in bathrooms
• Existence bins battery recycling
• Use environmentally friendly detergents
• Notification of all staff oriented towards environmental protection policy resort operation
• Segregation of waste at the resort in recyclable or not and rupture of their respective bins

In order to achieve our environmental and social sustainability, we are committed:

• Do evimeronomaste constantly on ecological issues relating to our region
• To train our staff regularly to environmental and social issues.
• actively promote sustainable tourism in our region.
• To inform and seek to involve our customers in our environmental and social efforts.
• To protect and promote the cultural heritage of our region.
• To protect and promote local employment and entrepreneurship.
• To provide a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment.
• To provide fair wages to all our partners.

Our goal is:

• To reduce the consumption of natural resources.
• To reduce the waste we produce.
• To reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.
• Invest in energy saving technologies.
• To support local environmental programs.
• To create a network of environmentally conscious businesses.
• To make known the cultural events in our region.
• Participate in local events, our athletic contests.
• promote local entrepreneurship and employment.
• Support environmentally conscious local producers.
• Promote diversity and gender equality.

How to make your stay a resort greener

Even if the resort you have chosen for your stay, has no ecological character, you can do the following:

• Inform the resort reception that you do not want to changed the sheets and towels every day.
• Do not leave the water running in the bathroom and limit the duration of your shower.
• When you leave your room, make sure you turn off air conditioners, lights and appliances.
• Do not bring your shampoo, soaps, shower gels, etc. that offer you the resort if you have not used.
• Treat the newspapers and magazines to others after you read them.
• Learn about the ecological commitment of the resort before making your reservation.

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